Electric Power

The Trenton Light & Water Department provides electricity to approximately 2,700 customers within the city limits of Trenton. The electric department recently increased its electric capacity with two new substations, one located south of town and another located in the industrial park. These improvements also provide 24-hour back-up distribution operations.

Electric rates are changed several times a year due to TVA's Fuel Cost Adjustment. 
Please check with Trenton Light & Water Department for current rate information.


Call 731-855-1561 for Current Rate Information
Variable Price Interruptible Power
Economy Surplus Power
Valley Investment Initiative


Call 731-855-1561 for Current Rate Information

Complaint Process

TVA provides regulatory oversight for your local power company's rates and service practice policies.
If you have an issue or complaint that you have not been able to resolve with your local power company, TVA's Complaint Resolution Process may be able to help. There are three ways to begin the process:

TLW Service Practice Polices