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Whatever the cause, you and your family can better cope with an emergency if you know what to do. This information was prepared to give you helpful advice on ways to lessen the inconvenience of a power failure.

Electric service is extremely reliable. Power outages don't happen often and usually don't last long. However, it helps to know what to do when they happen. By taking the right steps you can lessen the inconvenience and discomfort for yourself and your family.

There are several reasons for the occasional power failure. It can be something as minor as lightning striking the lines, a tree falling across wires, or a car crashing into a power pole. But sometimes the problem is more severe; causing widespread power outages that can last from hours to days. The outage can be caused by severe thunderstorms or tornadoes that snap power poles and tangle lines. The most troublesome causes are snow and ice. A blizzard or an ice storm can cause damage that is widespread and difficult to repair. These outages are the most serious because they can leave your home and family vulnerable to the freezing cold.