Safety Tips

Don't Panic

Remember that people lived without electricity for many years and did quite nicely. If you planned ahead-put your plan into operation. If you didn't, just follow the simple steps previously described and you will be able to handle the emergency.

In the Dark
If it's nighttime, locate those candles or kerosene lamps and light them. You will be able to see what you're doing, and circumstances will seem less threatening.

Look to see if you their lights are off. If not, the problem might be confined to your home.

Try the telephone. It may be working because the telephone system is operated on a separate circuit.

Fuses and Breakers
Check the fuses and breakers. If they are okay and your telephone is working, call your electric company. Give your address and tell how long the power has been off.

Stay away from down power lines. Make sure that no one, especially children, goes near them. Even lines that look harmless can be very dangerous. Just note the location and call your electric company immediately.

Electric Applicances
Turn off all the electric appliances that were on, especially heat pumps, air-conditioners, and electric heating. Then when the power comes back, it won't knock off the system due to an overload. Leave a light on so you'll know when service is back.

Turn on your battery-operated portable radio and listen for messages from your electric company. If possible, call your neighbors and find out if they have information about the emergency.