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Lightning and Surge Protection

Sponsored by Trenton Light and Water Department, the HomeGuard Surge Protection Program is the insurance you need to protect your household appliance and sensitive electronic equipment from power surges.

Understanding Surges

Household appliances these days are more sensitive to any fluctuation in electric voltage. Power surges or energy spikes can damage your computer, VCR, television, satellite dish, heating and cooling system, refrigerator and other appliances.

Lightning is an obvious cause of power surges, but surges also are caused by birds and animals on power lines, tree limbs, and car accidents. In fact, most surges are caused by factors inside your home, such as heating and cooling equipment, a vacuum cleaner as it operates or turns on.

Not all surges occur on electric power lines. They also occur over cable television and telephone lines. Therefore, any equipment hooked up to the outside world is susceptible.

A Shield of Protection

Our program offers two levels of protection...

1) Shield your whole house with a new meter-based protection unit. The HomeGuard Defender Unit protects your washer, dryer, range, freezer, refrigerator, heating and cooling units, dishwasher and garbage disposal from power surges. The unit even comes with manufacture's insurance if those items are damaged because of a power surge.

2) A companion kit of surge protection devices provides added protection for more sensitive electronic equipment, such as computers, TV's, phones and digital cable satellites. The kit includes multiple receptacle plugs, a cable TV protector, a phone protector, and a receptacle circuit tester. The cost is $99.95, plus tax. You also can buy extra devices for throughout your home. The manufacturer provides insurance to cover power surge damage to electronic equipment by these devices

Get Peace of Mind - Today

These surge suppression products will help save your appliances and electronics from damage. They are among the best available and carry a 100 percent lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer.

Contac Trenton Light and Water Department at 731-855-1561 or stop by our offices at 109 W. Armory St. to inquire about the program and purchase the companion kit and individual devices.

Price List

Meter base protection unit: Leased from Trenton Light and Water for $4.95 a month on a minimum one-year lease.

Point of Use package: $99.95 + sales tax. This includes an eight-plug receptacle with coaxial cable protection, a single-plug receptacle with telephone protection, three-outlet and one-outlet plugs, and a three-blade receptacle circuit tester.

Individual Surge Suppressant Devices:

Eight-outlet plugstrip: $38.95
Eight-outlet with cable protector: $44.95
Eight-outlet with telephone protector: $41.95
Cable TV protector: $19.95
Customers can pay by cash, check or credit card.